If You Invest in One Pressure Washer, This Should be It

30th November 2021

Temgal pressure washer combines portability with convenience for a unit that can go anywhere to get the job done. With cordless, lightweight and compact design, Temgal cordless pressure washer lets you clean all your outdoor spaces and gear easily and quickly.

Are you tired of lugging a big and heavy pressure washer around and worrying about getting tangled by the wire and tripping over the unit? With Temgal cordless pressure washer, you can easily clean your house and gear without above worry. What could be better than this?

Why Everyone is Going Crazy Over This Cordless Pressure Washer?

10/10 would buy again. I use it every time when I wash my car and clean patio furniture, lawn mower, bike, siding, windows and other light pressure washing, and it never lets me down. - Charles T.

This portable power washer did the thing I bought it for! It's hard on grime but soft on plants, so after I was done cleaning my porch I was able to water my plants with an easy switch!

Now I can clean my car with ease! Instead of paying upwards of $10 per car wash I can do it at home for basically free! I don't have any hoses or attachments so a bucket of water and this portable power washer is my best friend!

Excellent product. It is easy to assemble, easy to use and handy.- Caroline B.

This is a great option when you can’t bring a plug or gas operated power washer. The options to connect water source are also great!

I bought this specifically for washing my cars on the street where i have no access to a hose. The foaming soap dispenser works great and the rinse is adequate. I recommend it for urban dwellers like me with no hose access.

If you want to save water, money, and time I recommend this to anyone who wants a great product. It's lightweight, doesn't damage the car. This is one of my favorite items I've purchased. This is worth every penny.

Get Your Professional Quality Temgal Cordless Pressure Washer NOW!

Very easy to use. Major benefit compared to gas or electric conventional hi-pressure cleaner is ease of use which for me means I use it more frequently. has adequate power for most jobs.- Melissa C.

We found this tool easy to use without the electric cords dragging around. We will use it to wash vehicles, the house, the motorhome, and anything else where we need some pressure.

This is my new fave yard tool. I used it to deep clean my bird cage and it cut the time it takes down to 1/3. Love it because I have no hose hook up near my deck and this make cleaning things possible.

Why is This Pressure Washer So Special?

Temgal Cordless Pressure Washers DO stand out from the crowd. They are completely different and will serve you for years to come.

Cordless & Portable Design: Easy to carry and use. No longer tied for the limit of a long hose. Weighs only 5.4lbs, you can take it anywhere.

High Pressure: Max rated pressure is up to 435 PSI, which is 8X more pressure than garden hose & nozzle. With such powerful feature, the water can be pressed to a distance of 5 meters within 8 seconds.

Long Working Lasting: Equipped a 5600Mah battery which is 1.4×LARGE CAPACITY than the Regular version and keep working for 40 minutes.

Unlimited Water Resources: With a 19.68ft hose with a filter, you can get water from anywhere! Whether it's the water in the lake or the basin or the tap.

3 Nozzle Patterns: 0°, 40°and foam pot. Suitable for car washing, floor washing, furniture washing, flower watering

✔ No more lug pressure washer around

✔ No more get tangled in wires

✔ No more worry about tripping over the heavy washer

✔ No more annoying noise

✔ Will serve you for years to come!

Don't Wait - Get Your Own Temgal Cordless Pressure Washer Today!

Where Can I Get Temgal?

A great cordless pressure washer will save time and money for you. Rather than buying big and heavy pressure washer that is expensive and difficult to use and won’t be convenient or effective, order one professional-quality pressure washer for all of your needs by clicking here 


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Reader's Review

Aaron Brant, claims, "This is a very handy and great little unit to use as far as it being a power washer and you do not want to bring the big one!"

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